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Hello again!

Do you ever have the feeling that you’re not making a difference?

My experience has been that the little bit that I’m able to give and do feels so small. I experience self-doubt. Will I be able to make a difference?

Since starting this journey with Listen Line, I have a different view.

Consistently, Listen Line receives donations of $2, $5, $12. Each of those donations bring tears to my eyes. These are the people this work is for! People who want and need this help for themselves and their loved ones so much that they are giving from their pockets – not from their savings accounts or investments. They are giving what they can, and giving from the heart.

We have also received larger donations. Even huge donations. It’s humbling. These donations are so appreciated, and they help a ton.

The small donations melt my heart.

Your donation DOES make a difference to Listen Line. No matter what you are able to give, don’t give in to self-doubt. Your trust gives us the motivation to continue this vital work.

It is important to know that all work is currently being done on a voluntary basis. 100% of donated funds are utilized for start-up expenses or held for future costs. Each donation is carefully accounted for and tracked. I honor your trust in this vision and promise to use your donation responsibly.

As part of that relationship, I want you to know where Listen Line currently is – and where we are headed. This process will continue to be an open one.

Phases of Listen Line Community Services


Currently, we are in the fundraising phase. The response from the community has been overwhelming. We’ve gathered corporate sponsors from among local business owners and received generous private donations.

We are continuing the process of building a sustainable financial future by applying for private and public grants, and reaching out to other community services for funding.

Call Center Services

Looking forward, we project that we will be able to open the Listen Line phone lines on a 24/7 basis over the summer of 2021. The first part of our goal is in sight, thanks to everyone who has contributed!

Community Education

Starting in Fall of 2021, we will initiate Listen Line Community Education. We plan to offer classes, group sessions, and guest speakers on mental health topics. With this outreach program, we hope to provide education and support at a preventative level, by teaching tools for addressing mental health before it becomes a crisis.

Professional Services

Once we complete the roll-out of the community education phase, our focus will be on recruitment and hiring of mental health professionals. The goal is to offer counseling and therapy under the umbrella of Listen Line, as a one-stop shop for mental health care. We also plan to offer case-management services, to help clients navigate the healthcare system and collaborate between providers.

Residential Care

As staffing reaches stable levels, we will begin to look to our ultimate goal of offering short-term residential services. This would provide a safe space for those who are struggling to cope with everyday life during the healing process.

This process will continue to be an open one. As part of the trust relationship Listen Line has with each of its supporters, I pledge to keep you updated with monthly progress reports.

As we move forward, we continue to ask for input. Please, reach out to your family, friends, and business contacts. We need your experiences, your expertise, and your support. Remember, each gift is inspiring to us and you do make a difference! Together with you, Listen Line is moving toward the goal of helping each person find the mental health care they need for a hope-filled, productive life.

Until next week, take care of you!


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