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If you are looking for a counselor in your area, this website will help you find someone local that specializes in different areas of mental health.

Lifeline Connections provides short-term crisis residential services for adults experiencing an acute behavioral health crisis. The Crisis Triage and Stabilization program is an alternative to hospitalization or can decrease the length of hospitalization.

These services are time-specific, patient-focused, and strength-based. The environment helps patients feel welcomed, valued, affirmed, and validated. Patients play an active role in the treatment planning which promotes empowerment and resiliency for future crises. The support team consists of licensed substance use and mental health professionals, licensed nurses, peer support specialists, licensed prescribers, and case managers.

Out Patient

We provide comprehensive mental health services throughout the Pacific Northwest. We are committed to creating lasting mental wellness for our patients and offer an integrated, holistic treatment approach that includes therapy, case management, and other support services.

Our clinicians specialize in the treatment of mental health conditions. As your partner throughout the treatment process, Lifeline Connections will help you take the first step toward a life of clarity and stabilization.

Children and Youth Services

When our younger population begins to enter adulthood, they experience a lot of change and stress, both at home and at school. Many don’t have the skills they need to cope and to compound this; substance use frequently overlaps with mental health disorders.

Our program is designed to help children and adolescents address family issues, find success in school, establish new, healthy coping skills and understand what substance use and mental health disorders are. Our counselors provide a safe, confidential place to heal.

Lifeline Connections offers clinic-based substance use disorder outpatient treatment services for youth and partners with local school districts.

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